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Create your own HDR timelapse film by Philip Bloom

5/11/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

BTS of "24 Hours of Neon"

A little behind the scenes of how I shot my short HDR tone mapped timelapse film "24 Hours of Neon"

Read the below blog post to see the film, listen to the in depth commentary shot by shot and find out how I put the photos together.​2011/​05/​07/​24hoursofneon/​

Shot on the Canon XA10

Demo of how to use photomatix pro for HDR tone mapped timelapse

A little demo on how I use (not necessarily the best way) Photomatix pro to build my HDR tone mapped timelapses.

Check out my blog post here:​2011/​05/​07/​24hoursofneon/​

by Philip Bloom

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