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Photowalk with Thomas Hawk - Photography Tips & Advice

5/11/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments We're photowalking with photographer Thomas Hawk on today's Marc Silber Show Advancing Your Photography. Thomas is a San Francisco Bay Area-based photographer and his goal in life is simple—to photograph and publish a huge library of photographs covering a wide range of subjects, in fact he plans to hit one million images. To do this, he shoots, processes, publishes photos every day. He shares his photography tips as he adds new pictures to his library on today's photowalk.

Thomas Hawk approaches each scene from different angles and can shoot up to 50 different images of the same subject until he feels he got the right shot. He demonstrates this on our photowalk as he switches lenses and tells us his approach while photographing the "Big Building" on the Peninsula School campus.


Thomas Hawk´s Flickr

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