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The making of Visible Experience.

5/22/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

LensCrafters has nominated worldwide trend setting design group CLOT to curate the exhibition VISIBLE EXPERIENCE. The CLOT team has specially invited internationally known photographer Paul Tsang whom has worked with Zing and Shu Qi, and Hong Kong design group OUTSIGN.lab, for this exhibition. Paul Tsang and OUTSIGN.lab have both created a special imagery of [WHAT DO EYES LOVE] through make-up, lighting, illustrations and expressions.

The subjects within the photos are all trendsetting icons with their own personal style. These trendsetting icons come from various industries including, fashion, music, and lifestyle. The icons selected for this exhibition include, International Fashion Label Chanel fashion show cat walk model SHU PEI QIN, Trendsetting Icon HILARY TSUI, Internationally renowned musician ANTHONY WONG, Internationally known fashion icon WYMAN WONG, founder of Street wear Brand SUBCREW and DJ SAM LEE aka DJ BECAREFUL.

Presented by Lenscrafters
Curated by Kevin Poon @ CLOT
Photography by Paul Tsang @ U N Workshop
Design & Art Direction by Sam Chan @ OUTSIGN.lab
Editing & Color Grading by Tak Hung @ Upversed

by Upversed Production