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Behind-the-scenes video of "Rambabe" (Rambo parody) shooting at golden hour

6/25/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

“Rambabe” is my latest personal project, done just for kicks as a creative recharge. It is, of course, inspired by the Rambo movies; I own the ’80s trilogy. While watching it one day I decided it would be fun to make a photo that changes it up a bit and has a beautiful, tough woman as the “one man army” instead of a sweaty dude (no offense, Stallone). ( Via Scott Holstein)

Christine O’Connell "Rambabe" | 1/250 f/10 ISO 800 © Scott Holstein
 Environmental portrait of Rambabe (Rambo parody), a tall, blonde, warrior woman, partially-submerged in a lake at sunset and armed with an M249 machine gun while stalking the enemy.

1/160 f/9 at ISO 800 © Scott Holstein

A bikini-clad Rambabe (Rambo spoof), a tall, blonde, warrior woman, emerges from a lake at sunset while firing an M249 machine gun at the enemy.

Final Images :

Visit Scott´s blog with more information about this BTS:


Anonymous said...

Amazing talent! Amazing conceptualization and execution! It leaves me wanting to see more. Enjoyed the behind-the-scenes detail which breathes life into the final still shot. You are a very gifted artist!

Thank you!