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Everyone's Beautiful: Tips to shoot real people by Mark Behrens

9/13/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I once heard my friend Karen say that every woman deserves a beautiful picture of herself! We work in what tends to be a very shallow profession, one where beauty captures the headlines and the rest of us "real" people sometimes watch from the sidelines.

Think about the people in your life, outside of my workshops I really don't know too many models... However, I know a lot of "beautiful" people! My job as a photographer is to capture that beauty; I want those that step away from my lens to go away with a photo that captures their beautiful self.

I have a short video from a client shoot, the client agreed to let us video the session to create this for you. I want you to come away with two things; first, I approach every client the same way and do my best to make them look as beautiful as I can. Secondly, there is something I try to stress in every workshop, and that is, keep moving! Get those few good shots and then either you move or they move...

If you are in the business or looking to get into the portrait business, it's very hard to sell two of the same shots. So, when you get it right, change it up and create a different photo for them to purchase...


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