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Hotel Room Guerrilla Scan Method: How you can do a quick "scan" of your negatives with an Iphone in everywhere

9/13/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Here's how you can do a quick "scan" of your negatives and invert them when all you have is a bunch of negatives, a white wall and an iPhone.

After getting some questions about the Hotel Room Guerrilla Scan method, I decided to make a little video and show you how it works. The results are remarkably good, at least for online use, so next time you have negatives but no scanner, here's one way to digitize them. We will properly scan them once we're home.

This is the look you get from a freshly developed 4x5 negative once it went through my guerrilla scanner (e.g. held in front of a white wall, shot with an iPhone, inverted and cropped in the Photogene app)
Another guertilla "scanned" picture, this one was taken at an old paper mill. Had to be cautious where to step due to rotten floor tiles
Links to the more detailled pictures HERE:

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