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Why Wet Collodion? The Surprising Resurgence Of An Obsolete 19th Century Process

12/26/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Wet plate photographer Ellen Susan will guide you through the history and process, major historic and contemporary artists using this method, and the necessary steps, and supplies to get started.

Ellen's presentation will include a brief history of photographic milestones leading up to the wet plate process, and its eventual demise. Also discussed will be the physical process and the variations that can be produced - direct in-camera positives (tintypes and ambrotypes), glass negatives, and options for making prints from negatives.

We will look at a visual survey of 19th-21st century practitioners work, and how the approach and appearance of the process has changed, and what expectations contemporary viewers have come to associate with it. Contemporary use of the process for historical reenactments, motion pictures, and fine art will be discussed.

And finally, we will examine what is necessary to get started in the process. A range of options (from low tech to high end) supplies and equipment will be presented, along with resources for obtaining them. Workshops and texts and other resources to learn the process will be made available.

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Matt said...

Resurgence? Really... I know of guys on apug that have been doing wet plate, dry plate and all the older methods of photography for ages.