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The Basics of a One Light Setup: A Lighting Tutorial by Jay P. Morgan

2/16/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In today's TSL lesson we are going way back to the very basics of a one light setup to light a face. Our talent Tiffany Taylor is beautiful and it's very easy to demonstrate on her face.

 Everything in the world is a ball, a cube or a cylinder. The human face is nothing more than a ball with features. Let's look at how to light the face and background to create separation and interest with a single light source.

We are using a Dynalite continuous light source for our portraits because we are shooting on the Canon 1DC and will pull still images from the video footage. This was an interesting process and one we will talk about in our next lesson at length.

 Let's look at the basics of a one light setup.