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A parody of street photography techniques featuring Photography By Donato

8/10/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 9 Comments

Here is a video of me jokingly demonstrating some of my street photography techniques. Just wanted to entertain you guys with something light and funny before I start posting some real serious documentary material from the streets...this is not serious..

Photography By Donato



I don't see any good work here. Running around on the street & taking pictures of strangers without their permission (even if they don't want to be in the picture) isn't nice at all.. I'm not sure how I would react if a stranger took pictures of me without my permission & publish them somewhere. Ever heard something about personal rights?

Unknown said...

maaaaan you are super crazy & cool in the same time >> big like :)

Unknown said...

And what are the results????

Unknown said...

And what are the results?????

I have not more information about Donato. No website, twitter or facebook. Only two videos on YouTube, I am sorry

Anonymous said...

This video is a joke, he writes that in the comments :)

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent way to get beat up, have your camera broken... or both. I call this obnoxious photography. Being able to shoot without being noticed is where you capture some magic- or even asking the person(s) first.

Nobody's going to notice some guy with a huge slr and a large lens attached with a glaring red strap that says canon and the model number on it. Nope, not at all.

Maybe ISO1200 can create a system to upvote or downvote stories... because this definitely deserves to be sent to the bottom of the stack.

Dear reader.

It is a great idea to have system to vote, but I am not sure if blogger can do it.

About the video is a parody about street photography. It is a joke.

I just change the title.


Anonymous said...

Dam you trolls need to lighten up instead of trying to find the negative..this was a goof, obviously .