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Landscape Photography: Get better HDR images with a Variable ND Filter

9/26/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This is a BTS video showing the use of a variable ND filter to create a bracketed set of source images for blending manually or in HDR software.

Bracketing vs ND Filter

Using a VND filter has a couple benefits. First, it gets around the limitations many cameras have on creating an AEB sequence. Second, because you're working with manual exposure, the shutter speed is constant so the blur characteristics of each shot are consistent which makes for a better blend of moving elements like water or clouds.

This technique and many others are covered in my new book The Anti-HDR HDR Photography Book due out in early summer 2016. - say our friend Robert Fisher -

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your article! I have been thinking about purchasing a variable ND filter for photographing landscapes and am interested in the opinion of those who own one. What editor can you advice to use in pair with it? i mean hdr editor like macphun tools maybe