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Going Remote with Strobes with photographer Michael Clark

12/19/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Adventure Photographer Michael Clark shares his experience & strategies for success when taking strobes into the most remote and inhospitable environments.

About a month ago, I worked on a surfing project that was sponsored by @elinchrom_ltd and @pocketwizard where I used five Elinchrom Ranger battery-powered strobes and the PocketWizard ControlTL system to light up a surfer on a wave using #Hypersync lighting techniques from 500-feet away. As far as I know, this has never been done before - at least not from this far away with surfing. For the full story check out the write up on the Elinchrom blog: The surfer is Thomas Inhken from the north shore of Oahu. He is a pro surfer with some serious skills as can be seen in the image. My thanks to Elinchrom, PocketWizard and Tommy Inhken for their help on this project. Also, a huge thanks to Robin Dabney, @benreedphoto and legendary surf photographer @brianbielmann for their help pulling this shot off. Thanks also to Ben Reed for the behind the scenes video.
Una foto publicada por Michael Clark (@michaelclarkphoto) el

All Photos (c) Michael Clark Photography

Text and video via Vistek 

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