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Sony A7rII vs Phase One IQ160: The battle of the young vs the old

12/29/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

In this quick review. Vadim Chiline (website)  will be doing a head-to-head test of his time-tested high megapixel medium format camera, the Phase One IQ160 against the newcomer, Sony’s high megapixel king, the A7rII.

The Sony will be mounted with the latest Sony 90mm macro lens while the Phase One body will be combined with a manual focus Schneider-Kreuznach 120mm macro lens.

See who wins this battle of kings!

Text, image and video via EpicMind Studio

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Nice video, but you missed some very important details!!!
The IQ160 was @ ISO 50 & ƒ16 ... when the sony was @ ISO 100 & ƒ11 - it is obvious that the sony will have better shadow recovery, it has two more stops of light!! and you even said that the sony image was brighter.

As for the Fringing in the highlights of the IQ, C1 needs for you to tell which lens you are using to be able to calculate the chromatic abbreviation.

It would awesome if you redid the battle using all the same parameters and use a light meter to show the change of the ƒstops to give a fair advantage on the DOF. You should also contact P1 and have them send you the XF with the new IQ350 CMOS back with a NEW 120mm macro to test drive and lock the mirror up to be 100% fair

even through I am a P1 ambassador, I think sony is producing some awesome gear and would love to try it out.

Thanks for your comment Chris.