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Photojournalist Ron Haviv in “The Lost Rolls” Project: 200 lost rolls of film from 25 years of photography

12/29/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

VII photo agency founder Ron Haviv (website) unearths 200 rolls of previously undeveloped film as part of his Lost Rolls project.

“The Lost Rolls” is a new project about memory, photography and what happens when you develop over 200 rolls of film from 25 years of photography.
When low on film or money a photographer might shoot a partial roll, rewind it, but leave the leader of the film out so that the roll could be reloaded at some future point and finished off. Often times that partial roll, again due to lack of funds or lack of memory about exactly what was on that particular roll caused the shooter to toss it into the lost pile. Tucked away in an old gear bag, in a closet or even in the refrigerator, these lost film piles would continue to grow, some to legendary proportions. - said Ron Haviv on -
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