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Some Lessons from Experimenting with a 800mm Super Telephoto Lens

2/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

It's important to develop an aesthetic and a shooting style for your brand, but equally as important to push boundaries and experiment. So on a whim, Chris Lavigne emailed his friends at LensProToGo and asked to borrow an 800mm super telephoto lens. They said yes!

Trying new gear, like new lights, new background paper, or a super-specialized $13,000 telephoto lens, can help keep things fresh and inspire creativity. Chris learned some good lessons from shooting with the800mm Canon f/5.6 super telephoto lens, and he boiled it all down to four main takeaways for this post.

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One can also notice the thermal (wavy) radiation from the ground, even though it appears to be winter.

Cool video, thanks :)