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3D Gifs with a film camera: Nishika N8000 (review and tutorial)

5/27/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Ready for a 3D camera from the 80s? Eduardo Pavez Goye is a playwright, theatre director and musician that loves photography. I discover him a few weeks ago searching information about how develop black and white  film at home.

Eduardo explains a little bit more what you can get with this toy camera...Nishika N8000 is a cheap camera but super cool to create 3D Gifts ready to go...? Well, it is not just that. You need a little patient and photoshop.

Nishika N8000 (review and tutorial)

And why this last videos?  Could Vincent Price have a video tutorial about Gifs and photoshop? No, but  Nishika included  this video tutorial with the camera, awesome.

Videos and image via EduardoPavezGoye and Thehouseofwax

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