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C-Stands: How To Set Up and Use

5/27/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens you'll learn how to easily use a C-Stand, a great heavy duty stand for lights and so much more. Norms Studio Equipment ( is my choice of C-Stand.

I've been using their products since the beginning of my career. Norms C-Stands feature a unique spring loaded feature that helps control the grip head when loosening it. This makes attaching and removing objects hassle-free.

Thanks for watching! Keep those cameras rollin' and keep on clickin'.

-Jay P.

About Jay P. Morgan:

Photo Mentor photographer
With more than two decades of experience Jay P. Morgan brings to his commercial studio two special qualities: a keen appreciation of the bizarre and a knack for flawlessly executing elaborate shots.

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