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The ChinTwins: The most dynamic models Nigel Barker has ever photographed

5/10/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Combining yoga and dance Crissy and Kimmy AKA @ChinTwins create incredible shapes and chemistry that is almost impossible to reproduce with anyone else because of their personal twin connections making them the most dynamic models Nigel Barker has ever photographed.

Una foto publicada por Nigel Barker (@nigelbarker) el

Una foto publicada por Nigel Barker (@nigelbarker) el

When Nigel Barker shoots Kimmy and I we create a concept, inspired by a mood, a narrative or story that we want to tell. We play with lighting, hair and make up to convey the image we have in our heads. For this series we didn't plan any poses, we just let it flow....... We love collaborating together, creating together and most of all inspiring each other. - said ChinTwins on Facebook
 Nigel Barker
Via Facebook  | Image by Nigel Barker

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