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How would be to attend an Ansel Adams' photography workshop?

8/26/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Ever wonder what it would be like to attend one of Ansel Adams' photography workshops? Now you don't have to! In this episode we talk with Ansel's daughter-in-law about Ansel's workshops, teaching styles and his lesser known portraits. Never-before-heard stories!

Ansel Adams' photography workshops

She gave me and intimate behind the scenes look at Ansel and covered some important points I had never heard before - said our friend Marc Silber:

  • His portraiture, and how, as with his landscapes, he MADE photographs, (he didn’t take them) so he didn’t hesitate at posing people for the effect he was after.
  • She discussed in detail his famous image of the iconic artist Georgia O’Keefe and her ranch manager, captured with 35mm (uncharacteristic of Ansel. We get to see his contact sheet too.)
  • She shows an example of a print in Yosemite that pulls the viewer in and has photos within the photo.
  • She discussed his style of teaching and how he was as a person as well and more interesting inside info.

A big thank you to the Adams Family and Ansel Adams' Gallery. We couldn't share his stories without you!

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