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Speedlights vs Studio Strobes? Which flash is better and why?

8/26/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Speedlight vs studio strobes? When it comes to off camera flash photography people often find this to be a very confusing subject.

Generally speaking, Monolights are more powerful than speedlites. Speedlights cost less than monolights. Monolights recycle faster and let you shoot longer bursts. Speedlites are smaller and more portable.

strobist flash
Monolight vs speedlight
Monolights are predominantly manual only, however companies like Profoto, Godox and Adorama are coming out with TTL Monolight’s if you are willing to shell out the cash.

 Speedlights are predominately automatic and TTL – through the lens, however most also offer a manual option and many manufacturers still offer manual only Speedlites which Joe Edelman personally prefers and these manual ones cost much less.

Monolight’s usually have more modifiers available, but many companies are now making adapters or Speedlight specific modifiers like the Roque Flashbenders. Speedlights will allow you to stop very fast action and even shoot at very high shutter speeds. Monolights – not so much on the fast action, but some of the pricier units will allow you to work at higher shutter speeds.

In this video, Joe Edelman will use a Flashpoint320M Monolight and a LumoPro 180R Speedlight to show you the basic differences between the two types of flash units.


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