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How to Build Quick DIY Vanity Table using Ikea Parts

5/30/2017 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to Build Quick DIY Vanity Table using Ikea Parts

CheesyCam had a few spare parts laying around my house, so he thought he would put them all together for a vanity style table. This is a great space for talent to get ready at prior to shooting. You can find all of these parts at your local iKea. A table, two saw horses (as table stand), a large mirror (same width as table), and a couple of CFL light fixtures.

Since these are small CFL bulb fixtures you can wire them in 'parallel' as they don't draw much power.

 I purposely used clamps to hold the mirror in place in case I want to move the table later, it's easy to take apart - saids CheesyCam-

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