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A NEW way to Edit COLOUR images using Black & White FIRST! (with Surprising Results!!)

3/24/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments


Colour images are vibrant and true to life. Black and white images can be dramatic and artistic, but when you combine the two during the editing process, they become a powerful tool for creating works of art in your photography. This Adobe Lightroom Tutorial covers editing colour images using a black & white treatment first

The first part of the process is to change this to a black and white image. But photographer Mark McGee doesn’t simply click convert to black and white because we want to bring back colour gradually. 

Instead, we will head down to the colour mixer section and take out all of the colours from the individual sliders which leaves us with essentially a greyscale image.

This is an important part of the workflow because this does is allow us to view which areas of the image need enhancement without the interference of colour.

Watch the full video tutorial to learn this way to edit colour images using black and white techniques, selective colour choices and spot colour grading. You will have dramatic results in your final edit!


Unknown said...

Smart...great idea to help make images look better. I have been doing the same idea with digital copies of black and white negatives. I work on the negatives before flipping them to positives. Perhaps putting more detail into shadows and burned out highlights, sharpening with Topaz. Using the new quick masking in photoshop makes it easier.
Dan McCoy Santa Fe, N.M.