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5 Tips to Boost Your Photographic Creativity

9/09/2023 Matt 0 Comments

5 Tips to Boost Your Photographic Creativity

Photography is an art that can be both exhilarating and challenging. It's easy to lose inspiration and find yourself stuck in a creative rut. But fear not, as we've got you covered. In this video, Mitchell Kanashkevich explores five unique and actionable tips that will help you reignite your passion for photography. Whether you turn them into challenges, fun games, or personal assignments, these tips will spark your creativity and elevate your photography.

Tip #1: Evoke Atmosphere and Mood

The atmosphere and mood of a scene can be a powerful storytelling element in your photographs. Light plays a crucial role in this aspect. Pay attention to how light creates a strong sense of mood and atmosphere.  Challenge yourself to capture the intensity of the atmosphere in everyday situations, and watch your photos come alive with emotion.

Tip #2: Focus on Body Language

When photographing people, don't settle for standard static portraits. Look for moments when your subjects become animated, when their hands come alive in conversation, or when their facial expressions reveal emotions. Train your eye to discern the most interesting moments of human interaction, and you'll create compelling images filled with emotion.

Tip #3: Capture the Sense of Place (Wide)

Every location has unique features that define it. Whether it's a striking mountain peak, an iconic architectural marvel, or a bustling cityscape, identify these distinctive elements and make them the stars of your photographs. Don't assume that breathtaking scenery automatically conveys a sense of place. Instead, consciously emphasize these defining features to transport viewers to the heart of the location you're capturing.

Tip #4: Explore Close-Up Details

Zoom in and look for details that reveal the essence of a place. It doesn't always have to be beautiful; even the less glamorous aspects can evoke a strong sense of place. Challenge yourself to find these evocative details and incorporate them into your compositions.

Tip #5: Convey Action and Motion

Photography has the power to freeze moments of action and movement or blur them to convey a sense of motion. Experiment with both approaches.  Set goals for yourself when shooting in busy locations, such as capturing motion and action in different ways, to make the process more engaging and fun.


Reigniting your passion for photography is all about experimentation, creativity, and purposeful shooting. These five tips, whether used individually or combined, can breathe new life into your photography. Share your results on Instagram using the hashtag #visualcues to inspire others, and continue your photography journey with a fresh perspective. 

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