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Visual Storytelling Using Color and Light by Wieger Poutsma

6/26/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Visual Storytelling Using Color and Light by Wieger Poutsma

In this webinar, Wieger Poutsma will take you on a colorful journey explaining the anatomy of several color models and the meaning of colors as a whole. He illustrates these principles and meaning using an array of examples like the Old Masters in 17th-century painting, contemporary fashion and art photographers, popular Instagram personalities, political images, cinematography, and blockbuster Netflix series.

Wieger will show these examples are all connected using the same visual principles of color and light to attract your attention, direct your focus, or tell a story.

He will finish this theory by taking the signature of Gregory Crewdson’s work using it as a base to build two practical examples to prove that all he showed earlier is not just a theory but can be used in everybody’s daily work whether you are a photographer, graphic designer, photoshop artist, art director, game designer, illustrator or cinematographer.

Text, image and video via Wacom

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