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How to make a lens cap on the cheap (and quick)

7/31/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to make a lens cap on the cheap (and quick)

People who work with historical lenses know that problem. You get a new Petzval lens for your wet plate camera, but the lens cap is missing.  To show you how easy it is to make a lens cap by yourself, Markus Hofstaetter did a video for you guys.

Of course you can get more creative and put a sticky felt underneath the cardboard or use a second cardboard as spacer underneath the first one to get a more lose fit.

Enjoy building your lens caps!!

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About Markus Hofstaetter:

Professional photographer for wet plate, portrait, events and virtual tours. You can find more about my work on my website, my blog, on Facebook, on Instagram or on Youtube

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