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Collodion wet plate passport photos done with an old polaroid camera

4/01/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

I'm working now for some time on a project about stereo wet plates. At some point, I saw the Polaroid Miniportrait Camera and thought this could do stereo wet plates too.

Because of the portrait lenses, the 3D effect was not so great. But still, it was lots of fun to use it.
I used an empty Fuji FP-100c film holder to hold my wet plates. This worked out great without any modifications

Fun fact for photographers:

The not so fast lenses (F8) on the Polaroid Miniportrait Camera in combination with a very low ISO on a wet plate (0.5) was very challenging.

My Hensel Tria 6000 Generator with the Grand Mini 85 was at full power to just get the exposure right. My Seconic lightmeter measured F18 with the lowest ISO it can measure (ISo 3). If you deduct this 2 1/3 stops from ISO 3 it matches nearly the ISO 0.5 on a wet plate 😉

Another fun fact - the camera has its own measuring tape to focus :)

The outcome was hilarious and so much fun that I will offer this kind of wet plates now in my studio to all my customers and will probably bring it to my workshops too.

About Markus Hofstaetter:

Professional photographer for wet plate, portrait, events and virtual tours. You can find more about my work on my website, my blog, on Facebook, on Instagram or on Youtube

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retrocycler said...

The last print, where your model is wearing a dust mask, has made two beautiful and excellent stereoviews - however, as they are printed out of the camera, the view correctly "cross-eyed." The left-eye image is on the right, etc. so to view them correctly, cross your eyes to fuse the two images.