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Crazy 360 Video of my Breaking Bad Halloween Wet Plate Shoot

11/02/2017 Matt 0 Comments

Why not do some Halloween Wet Plates – sure!

A Skull – A Mask and a Walter White “Heisenberg” (Bryan Cranston) themed Plate inspired from the TV Show Breaking Bad. I feel always like him when I prepare the chemicals for my collodion wet plate process. This is the first time, I combined this self-portrait with a 360-degree camera for the making-of video.

Combining hi-tech with a 160 year old process is fun.

My self-portrait is pretty dirty on the borders of the plate as you can see. I achieved that with “not cleaning” the edges of the plates after the silver bath and not cleaning the plate holder. I think this makes this plate even more unique – it’s not all the time about perfection.

Beside this, I love the sharpness and the depth of field of that Dallmeyer Petzval 2B lens from about 1860 (its a 210mm F 3.5). This fast lens is also the reason my 6000 Watts Hensel Tria generator only runs on half power, even I used a softbox.

The palte has a ISO like sensitivity from about 0.5!

I do workshops too so you can build your own tintype. If you guys want to experience yourself how a tintype is made and own a one of a kind wet plate, please contact me via my website

Thanks again to Alex for the support during this shoot!

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