A parody video of all the Leica Photographer Stereotypes! Are you a Leica Photographer? Let me know in the comments. 

In this episode, Mark Wallace walks us through the process of creating light rays in the studio. Mark begins with a basic one-light portrait and then begins making modifications one step at a time. Mark changes the background, adds a few speedlights, fills the room with smoke, and puts a grid on his key light. This is a fun light setup that you can duplicate in your studio.

Here's a super fast technique for color correcting your images and removing a color cast that could also be recorded as an Action to fix thousands of images with one click!

In this video Mattias Burling lists five things he wishes he would have learned as fast as possible when starting out taking photos. These first five years with photography as a hobby sure has been fun. And today it actually makes up for a pretty big part of his work (he works in marketing). He is definitely looking forward to another five years of learning.

Are you even a filmmaker if you don't own a 5-in-1 Reflector? Transform your videos with this $30 tool!

In this video, learn how to make boring food look EPIC! Learn how to shoot a professional-looking recipe video with a smartphone, shooting completely handheld!

Epic Light Media explains how to make ANY CAMERA look PRO using a compact camera and super resistant cheap lights. The results are awesome. 

The Top Constantly Overhyped Camera Gear for new photographers. Everyone wants your money! Know what's worth it and what is not!

Sean Tucker talks to Simon Baxter about his choice to focus locally in his photography. The majority of his award-winning woodland imagery has been captured within 20 minutes of his home in the North York Moors. He suggests that this helps him to dig deeper and learn the seasonal rhythms of the landscape and capture more nuanced work. Sean Tucker thinks it teaches us all that perhaps our best imagery will be produced closer to home than we may expect if we are willing to explore.

Being able to look at a couple, know how to pose them, get them in position in seconds, and then show them a shot is certainly satisfying, plus, it brings instant trust between you and your subjects.