Getting the best exposure is really important. In this video, Nigel Danson talks about the exposure and the edit and how both are essential to get the look you want in your photography. ​

Tyler Stalman explains how to get two completely different looks out of the same gear.

Portrait Photographer Jerry Ghionis explains how to pose your clients so they always looks good!

Joris Hermans uses these gear and camera hacks all the time in real life. They're super useful for shooting commercials, b-roll and cinematic videos. Oh, and they'll also save you a bunch of money. Enjoy!

What can you do if you need a photo session on a sunny day but it is raining in your city? The solutions is simple, create a sunny day inside your studio. Here's how our friend, photographer James Quantz Jr handles bad weather! 

In this video, filmmaker Thomas Alex Norman is going to be getting into how to get next-level shots. He is going to be looking at three different scenarios, three different shot types that he is gonna break down into what a beginner would do versus what a pro would do.

A house painter rings the doorbell of a large mansion ... and gradually realizes that he is the victim of a misunderstanding. 

In this video/article, Slrlounge will get five one-light studio setups, and they are going to do it in less than 10 minutes. He is using a Profoto A10 for this setup, but you can use any flash. He is also going to limit our modifiers to just the basics, so they will mainly use an umbrella. For all of our setups, he will give you other options, regardless of what he is using.

FOG photography at night can be tricky. Serge Ramelli will show you how to take fog photography at night:

A behind-the-scenes look at their recent supercar shoot in California. Complicated Things, Alex Hooks and Mark Mann had the opportunity to shoot 10 phenomenal supercars. This video takes you behind-the-scenes and shows you our process, what gear they used, some of the challenges they faced, and more!

They shot cars ranging from the 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost to the 2021 Mercedes AMG GT R Roadster with a Ferrari Roma, Lamborghini Huracan Evo RWD Spyder, and Mclaren GT sprinkled in between.