Top Gun Maverick behind the scenes breakdown — An in-depth look at the cinematography of Top Gun Maverick, including how they pulled off such realistic and thrilling aerial cinematography.


In this video, @heyashleyboring breaks down how to create natural looking window light in studio. 


In this video photographer, Ab Sesay not only talks about his lighting techniques for this shoot of a model parachuting down onto an NYC rooftop. Or should we say seemingly parachuting down? He also discusses why he made his creative choices as well. He takes you on an in-depth look at the thoughts and choices that go into producing a photo shoot. "Every production has an idea, a budget, and a timeline." - Ab Sesay


Posing men for photography is really easy and simple. Here are five tips:

 1. Look for and crate straight when posing. 
2. Create triangles with arms and legs. 
3. Create V shape in the upper body. 
4. Shoot slightly lower angle. 
5. Use sort lighting (Shoot from the shadow side. Means the shadow side of the face is towards the camera and the highlights is away from the camera. )


In this video, Sean Tucker shares some thoughts around choosing your focal length in street photography. His focal length journey took him from 85mm, to 50mm, to 35mm, to 28mm, and each had something to teach me as he worked to take better images on the street. Hopefully, some of the advice he offers here will help you find your own focal length of choice.


Mark Denney discusses the differences between pro and beginner photo editing in Lightroom. If you happen to be in a rut with your photography, unhappy with your rate of improvement, he´d highly recommend going through this exercise. It's difficult to see how much we've progressed when all you see is where you're currently at with your photography. And, in this video, he re-edits one of his favorite landscape photos from when he was a beginner and compares the results at the end in order to determine how far he has come with his own photo editing skill set.


Hands On Camera Comparison of the Fujifilm X-H2 vs Canon R6 vs Sony a7 IV! See how the 40MP APS-C Sensor compares to the 20MP and 33MP Full Frame Sensors!


Daniel Norton is going to talk about hair lights. This is another one where people are a little bit thrown off,  because the hair light can be a little bit tricky, so he is going to explain the correct way how to use the right ratios between the main light and the hair light to get the image you are looking for.


In this Lightroom and Photoshop tutorial, Mark McGee edits basic images and turns them into Fine Art Photography that is aesthetically beautiful and imaginative. Using layer masks, object selections and creative dodge and burn techniques too.


This year even the iPhone 14 Pro has a 48MP camera which is still half as many as the 108MP of the Samsung S22 Ultra but almost the same as the Pixel 7 Pro’s 50MPs. So to crown the best smartphone camera of 2022 Becca took 1000 photos on each of them.