Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel  Explains How 3 Camera Lenses Work

Cinematographer Newton Thomas Sigel takes us through the differences between wide-angle, normal and telephoto lenses. He explains the science of each lens using examples from “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Drive” and “Three Kings”.

How To Take DOPE Levitation Photography WITHOUT Photoshop!

Our friend Pierre is back with a very special photographer, Erick Hercules. Learn how to make objects Float in-camera without photoshop!

12 Awesome Tips For Outdoor Fashion Shoots

In this episode Andrew teaches how you can do outdoor fashion catalogue shoots very easily with his model Jessica. You will love his straight forward approach of teaching.

An Exorcism of GEAR LUST!!

Cure it. Be happy.

Documentary photographer Daniel Milnor is back to talk about the power and responsibility photographers have as creatives, and how he learned about truly being a photographer.

Trackside With F1 Photographers

Their images bring the speed and the colour of F1 to life, but it takes skill, dedication and luck to capture the best shots at an F1 race weekend.

Fashion Modeling HORROR STORIES – The Real Truth

Spilling the tea on some of the craziest fashion models Jordan Matter has photographed. Thumbs up if you want to hear the real truth about dancers next!

Film Photography On Location: The Laundromat

This "Photography On Location" video certainly takes the record for the longest production time yet. It was a doozy!

iPhone Photography Tips With Michael Melford

National Geographic Photographer Michael Melford demonstrates how a smartphone's "live" mode can be used to create a long exposure shot of waves crashing on the beach.

GIMBAL hyperlapse vs HANDHELD hyperlapse ft. DJI Osmo Pocket

In this video Matthew Vandeputte compares the pros and cons of shooting a hyperlapse with a gimbal vs shooting a handheld hyperlapse.