In this video, Eli Infante covers his color grading process to achieve cinematic colors in Photoshop. He will show you three different adjustment layers that improve your editing: curves, solid color, and gradient maps.

In this video, Jiggie Alejandrino will show demonstrate how to create amazing photos even if you get rained out. As with all his videos, he gives you a live view of all his settings and shows every image straight out of the camera.

For some, shooting portrait photography is one of the scariest genres. Watching this video and overcome that fear!

In his lighting handbook, John Gress breaks down 20 lighting setups point by point, including the modifiers used, the exposure settings for all of the lights, and positioning of the lights. You'll see finals, diagrams, behind-the-scenes images, and more–everything you need other than the gear to recreate some of his most popular set-ups in this 26-page digital download. This video is a good example, breaking down a three-light setup to show off the model's physique

Ian Munro used a technique so that he could control light on the backdrop and also correctly expose the fall off around the subject. Then he simply pushed extra light into the face to really make it pop.

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In this video, find out how Music & Camera Movement can dramatically change the look, feel and style of your footage. These simple filmmaking tips are perfect for anyone looking to take their footage to the NEXT LEVEL!

In this week’s episode, we discuss 5 editing hacks that actually work for landscape photography. Full transparency though, I'm not 100% certain as to what actually constitutes a hack versus that of a tip, trick, or technique, but it does seem that the term "hack" is the more widely used nomenclature for the tricks covered in this week's video.

Portrait posing made easy in 10 simple steps and how lens choice influences your images. Take these 10 easy steps to help you be more successful in your photography portrait posing!

This year Emmanuel Lubezki is the photographer ( that we love) behind the brand new 2022 Lavazza Calendar: "I Can Change the World". This video shows us behind the scenes of this amazing project.