Why Films use these 5 Cinematographic Styles  wolfcrow

In this video  Wolfcrow will show you the five key cinematography styles. A cinematography style is different from a film genre or directorial style. The key distinguishing feature is lighting and the 'rendering' of the image.

The task was clear – an original portrait of a Medieval Knight Sword Fighter (national champion).

So I planed to do a collodion wetplate of a knight with his armour and sword. My first thought was, that an original armor has no “color” so to say. You just see the reflections of the environment. That was the reason I wanted to shoot the first portrait in my garden. Unfortunately the weather gods were against us and just after when we started a thunderstorm was on its way.

Profoto brings full power of professional flash to iPhone with Andrea Belluso

By introducing the new Profoto AirX technology, the Profoto B10 / B10 Plus flash series can be used with the iPhone, enabling photographers to use the full power of their flashes.

So this is a technique you sometimes see Roger Deakins using in his work - the "cove" of lighting around your subject, allows you to light for a natural looking, graduated fall off of light on the face.

ighting with Book Lights

In this video, Matt from the A-Team shows how to set up a book light on set, as well as different materials that you can use to get different looks with your book light. First he places the bounce material. Sometimes the bounce is part of your set, such as a wall or the ceiling, but most of the time you have to place a bounce board. Next, he picks a light to use in the book light, and aims that at the bounce.

how to light a bottle

Take a look at this DIY approach to lighting your photograph with things you find around the house. In this Laws of Light video Jay P. Morgan takes a look at how to light a bottle using things you find in the kitchen. Very simple photography lighting tips that anyone can do.


 What is your favourite feature of the new Canon R5? For Peter is easy: 4K 120 LETS GOO!

Testing Viral Photography Hacks…DO THEY WORK??

In today's video  Jessica Kobeissi tests out popular photography hacks that have been all over facebook and instagram.....to see if they REALLY WORK!

TWO BIG reasons why you SHOULDN'T use a Light Meter

Discover how you could be limiting your creativity and why  Karl Taylor doesn't use them.

Get EPIC B-ROLL using a LAPTOP (Whiskey Commercial)

Cinecom.net created a Jack Daniels Whiskey commercial using a laptop as a background or to create reflections. Learn how they shot and edited a product video in this tutorial.