Aputure Team & Larry Fong build for Peter McKinnon something that every filmmaker NEEDS: a Camera Robot Wireless Studio on a stand .

Learn how cinematographers set exposure - from understanding dynamic range and latitude to using a light meter, Emmy-winning cinematographer, Jason Tomaric reveals how the pros do it on Hollywood sets.

In this video, Pye walks through how to create stunning light painting effects. Watch and learn how you can use these techniques to take unique and creative portraits.

Learn 5 things that photographers do and say that absolutely ruin their chances of getting great photos when working with models! Miguel Quiles explains his mistakes with these 5 beginner tips for photographing models.


You can't piece together a coherent scene without proper coverage... So here are the basic concepts to get you started. 

Landscape photography is fantastic!  We love it! But there are some hard truths you need to learn about landscape photography. In this video, Mads Peter Iversen will share some of the hard truths he has had to learn down the road. This likely happens to everyone, so you might as well just learn to accept it and swallow the kamel. It sets you free to focus on being creative.

Fujifilm video files and codecs explained. Emphasis on Fujifilm X-T4. Also explanation of Bitrate, Long GOP, and All-Intra for video shooting. Here are the best recommendations for common scenarios:

GxAce finally owns a digital Leica.  Does it live up to the hype?

Cinematographer Gray KOTZÉ thinks the key to Steven Spielberg's success stems from his ability to craft movies which on the one hand are very entertaining with mass appeal yet on the other hand still contain more depth than just a regular popcorn flick.

In this tutorial, we will learn two ways to create depth and add a sense of shape to your portraits. This process is essential if the skin begins to look too flat or dull. In the first part of the lesson, we will use the Lumenzia Photoshop Panel to automatically create Zone Curves using Blend-If, which is going to help us easily take control of different zones of Luminosity.