All it really takes is one light to create amazing portraits. In this video, Jiggie Alejandrino shares 3 very simple lighting setups using the Nanlite Pavotube II 30X. He will be sharing photography tips and techniques as well as a live view of the actual shoot.


If you make selections in Photoshop this is GOLD! There's ALWAYS something new to learn in Photoshop no matter how many years you've been using it. Here's something Glyn Dewis DID NOT KNOW when using the SHIFT KEY to add to a selection.

Here is an exclusive look behind the scenes of Vanity Fair's latest cover shoot with Annie Leibovitz and Star Wars' Pedro Pascal, Ewan McGregor, Rosario Dawson and Diego Luna. The star-studded group is gearing up for the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' and 'Andor' television takeover.(*)

If you plan to update your camera or you have been thinking about maybe switching to a different camera brand, surely there is a variety and quality of mirrorless cameras available on the market, it is crazy to decide on one in particular.


Adam Karnacz head to the coast to do some landscape photography in order to escape the crazy world and find some peace in the outdoors. New also do some long exposure and even find a shipwreck.

To say that this is the definitive guide for learning everything you need to know about street photography may sound a bit pretentious, but it is true. Jason Vong and Professor Hines have prepared this extensive and complete one-hour-long video tutorial with all the little secrets you need to know to start in street photography or in case you are an advanced photographer, improve some of your skills.

If you’re new to portrait photography, you might have seen or heard the term, “fill light” being used, and wondered what a fill light actually is. In this video, Ed Verosky is going to explain the role of the fill light in the context of a basic portrait lighting setup.

In this car photography video tutorial, Geoff Dennis will show us how to get the studio look without a studio in photoshop.

15 years ago the shallow depth of field look was something you'd only really see in the cinema or in photography. 

In this week’s episode, Mark Denney takes you along while he tests out four different ICM or Intentional Camera Movement techniques in an incredible woodland area. Mark used to think ICM was completely ridiculous, but after spending the morning only using ICM techniques, he has come to appreciate what it can create.