Feathering light is a basic technique that many professional photographers use in order to gain more control over their lighting. Feathering light is one of those things that can be confusing at first, but once mastered is a great way to level up your lighting.


Aidin Robbins shares his approach for creating travel videos that stay true to the destinations they depict.


In this week’s episode, Mark Denney reviews 7 things pro photographers do that beginners don't. Anyone that has watched his channel for any amount of time knows that he always creates videos that speak to a former version of himself and this week's episode is no different.


If you’re limited on gear or traveling minimally, but need to diversify your imagery, then this one’s for you. Watch and learn while photographer Jeff Carpenter (@readylightmedia) shows us how to create three different portraits using one light, one modifier, and one V-Flat. It won’t be a hard concept to grasp and you’ll leave better equipped after watching Jeff run through three lighting setups.


How to shoot natural light portraits when shooting outside in direct sun with a shoot through umbrella. In this Laws of Light photography tutorial let him show you a beautiful way to light with a seven foot shoot through umbrella. That translucent allows the light to come through and to light her and give a beautiful light on her face.


Sean Tucker shares some advice for street photographers who struggle with the idea of taking images of strangers in public and show you some examples of the style he has developed for himself as a 'shy' street photographer.

Tavis Leaf Glover has got another great video where he analyzes talented photographers for their use of composition techniques and dynamic symmetry. Mert & Marcus specialize in unique fashion photography that is quite different from Annie Leibovitz or Michal Pudelka. They also use dynamic symmetry to organize their compositions! But how do they do it? Find out in this video now!

GxAce really hates the phrase "cameras are just tools" as a way to say that a camera's aesthetics can't play a role in the experience of using a camera. Having a cool camera makes you want to use it, and in turn, will make you a better photographer. The Leica M6 is one such camera.


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In this week’s episode, Mark Denney discusses Woodland Photography 101 and everything beginners need to know to get started. There's a ton of things to consider when it comes to woodland photography and personally he finds it to be one of the more difficult subjects within the world of outdoor photography.