Master Any Lighting Setup With The Help Of set.a.light 3D


The pursuit of capturing timeless portraits is an art form that requires a delicate balance of lighting mastery, thoughtful styling, and expert post-processing. Renowned photographer and educator Gavin Hoey takes us on a captivating journey into the creation of timeless male studio portraits in his latest tutorial on Adorama TV.


In a world dominated by social media and high-resolution photographs, the pressure to look flawless is more palpable than ever. Dark bags, wrinkles, and discoloration can make an appearance, causing individuals to seek ways to enhance their images. Fear not,  Aaron Nace has a quick and easy solution to lighten up those under-eye bags and bid farewell to wrinkles using the magic of Photoshop.


It's time to shift the focus to the art of setting up and capturing the perfect interview. Matt Porwoll takes us on a journey through the process of scouting the location, framing the camera, and strategically lighting the scene for a compelling visual narrative.


Peter McKinnon discusses the uniqueness of editing film photos compared to digital ones. He addresses a common question about the necessity of editing film shots when shooting on film.


In his latest video, Willem Verbeeck takes on a unique and intriguing challenge—transforming digital images into true film negatives. This isn't your typical Lightroom preset or a simple editing hack. The process involves using a service called Gamma Tech, which converts digital images into physical film negatives.


WSJ explores how a new camera called the Big Sky was developed for the Sphere and what it takes to get from film to a massive screen.

In today's video, the photographer Simon Ennals unveils a technique that can be considered one of the best-kept secrets in the realm of photography – time blending. He reflects on the common dilemma faced by enthusiasts who encounter captivating images but struggle to decipher the magic behind them. The perpetual quest for the perfect gear often overshadows lesser-known techniques, and time blending is one such overlooked gem.

In the intricate world of photography, mastering the art of lighting is a journey that often spans years. There's a multitude of lighting techniques to explore, each capable of transforming a mundane shot into a masterpiece. 

 In the realm of photography, Peter often finds himself fielding questions about the diverse styles of clamshell lighting he employs. This time, RaRa, armed with a vision to recreate the lighting magic from an old shoot of Peter's, proposed using two gridded beauty dishes. The result? An illuminating tutorial showcasing the intricacies of achieving this specific effect.


In this video, Sean Tucker offers some thoughts about why people might not seem to care as much about your most recent work, and how the lack of attention may actually be a good sign. He is also joined by his friend Simon Baxter who offers some examples from the world of landscape photography.