Master Any Lighting Setup With The Help Of set.a.light 3D


This video is about how to achieve rim lighting photography using only one light and a small softbox.


Discover how exactly to copy any color grading style, step by step, in Photoshop! In this lesson, PiXimperfect is going to steal the colors and tones from Renaissance paintings and apply them to our image. They will explore how to extract and composite colors with Curves, Hue/Saturation, and easy Masking. 


This new lens sports a rather unusual zoom range, but one that has the power to make life easier for certain types of photography or videography.

The Sigma Art lens series is known for delivering excellent image quality and top of the line construction at remarkable prices. This has lead to Sigma becoming one of the top aftermarket lens brands. Does this same reputation follow them with the release of the new 28-45, and who is this lens for?


The digital camera landscape evolves at breakneck speed. New models boast ever-increasing megapixel counts, lightning-fast autofocus, and cutting-edge video capabilities. Yet, amidst this relentless march of technology, a curious phenomenon persists: the enduring popularity of the Canon 5D Classic. 

Launched in 2005, this camera lacks the headline-grabbing specs of its modern counterparts. So, why does photographer Benj Haisch, and a dedicated community of enthusiasts, hail it as the "greatest digital camera of all time"?


RGB Tube lights are brought up often in the photography and video crowd. Why? What's the big deal? Because stick lights or tube lights are RGB? Or they are easier to hide? Are tube lights more practical? Are tube lights bright enough? What are the best tube lights for video vlogging and photography? The whole RGB light obsession is becoming annoying. Anyway, here are all kinds of tube lights compared in this tube light review.

In this video, Mark Wallace demonstrates how to create beautiful soft light portraits using just umbrellas and a simple white wall.


Still life photography allows you to capture the beauty of everyday objects, but achieving professional-looking results can seem daunting.  This video unveils a simple yet effective technique using a single flash and a touch of ingenuity to create stunning still life images.


Discover the essential guide to lighting with Mark Wallace in this informative episode. Learn why the three-light setup is the foundation of every professional lighting setup. Mark Wallace expertly explains each light, demonstrates precise metering techniques, and showcases the results. 


Why do prints come out too dark. Is it your printer or have you just got your screen set too bright. From screen adjustment to how your screen is set up when editing. Getting an art/photo print which looks right.


In this video, Tuvy, founder of V-Flat World, demonstrates 7 unique ways to utilize our versatile foldable V-Flats for headshot photography. Capturing the perfect headshot is crucial in today's digital age, where a compelling profile picture can make all the difference.