Peter brings us his vision of the new iPhones, their features, and news. He analyzes the new functionalities, such as the cinematic mode, camera and above all, he explains to us which is his favorite iPhone 13 to use as his daily.

Rode GO II vs. Godox Movelink M2 - both offer a complete neck mic solution, but which should you choose?

DIY Photography took both mics for a spin to see which one offers better value for money - it turns out that they are both a great choice depending on your needs. watch the full videos to see how they compare on each category.

In this week's video, Scott Choucino talks about 5 quick tips to help start your photography business and to make sure that you are headed in the right direction in 2021 and 2022.

Filmmaker and social creator Karen X. Cheng supercharged her career thanks to the power of Instagram. Here, she shares with us how she leverages the platform and organically grew her following to over 1 million followers.

Adam Karnacz looks at three ways you can do night photography. He heads to the lake district for a landscape photography session after the sun has set using a light painting technique and a drone.

In this week’s episode, Mark Denney discusses 3 ways to make money this weekend with landscape photography and what he did in the very beginning to start generating income. Over the past three years, he has created a video series here on YouTube all about his transition from a 17-year career in the corporate world to becoming a full-time photographer, but he has never spoken about what he did in the very beginning to start making money.

Catalog photography (including cosmetic photography) on a white background, is a popular genre of product shots. By creating paths around our products with automation, we can get away with using one key light and avoid technical issues like flare in a small space, typically because by a nuclear white background. 

So little time, so many Lightroom tools to master! Lucky for you, Lightroom Ambassador Michael Aboya is here with a new #InALightroomMinute! Learn all about the differences between Texture, Clarity, and Dehaze and sharpen those skills. 

Finally a video about the much requested Rolleiflex 2.8f White Face.

Today PHLEARN shows you how to color grade a collection of images in seconds using the Color Grading Tool in Lightroom Classic!