How to take EPIC SELFIES

Photographer Mads Peter Iversen will share how he makes his epic selfies. As a professional landscape photographer, he often travels on his own and if he wants to take a portrait photo of himself, or use himself as scale in the landscape, he uses this technique.

Capturing Cutlery Photography with 1 Light

Reflective products, in general, present a unique obstacle, and with cutlery, you can make use of a convenient approach. By extrapolating the angle our camera looks at our subject, we can place a corresponding light behind our scene.

How to make PANORAMA photos with Lightroom and Photoshop

It is easy to make panorama photos with adobe photoshop. In this video, Mads Peter Iversen will show you how he usually stitches together a panorama photo. No matter if it is a panorama containing several rows and layers or just a vertical panorama the workflow is the same.

How Moe Zainal uses Flash for Car Photography (ft. Alex McKenzie)

In this tutorial, Moe Zainal is going to show you how he uses Flash or Strobe in his car photography & a walk through the post-processing techniques in Lightroom and photoshop.

What is the purpose of a portrait?

Aristotle put forth the notion that we judge how ‘good’ something is based on how well it fulfils its intended purpose. So what does a good portrait do that a bad one fails to? What should a photographer aspire to achieve when they make a portrait of someone?

Guard Hope

The Coronavirus is sweeping the globe, turning all our lives upside down, and it just felt a little silly to keep making videos on photography and ignore the situation when we are all stuck at home trying to self isolate. So in a break from his normal videos, Sean Tucker thought he would put out something simple (no ads, or music, or b roll, or photos), just a chat with you, humbly sharing some advice which has helped me in dealing with everything that's going on, in the hope that it helps you as well.

How To Set Up a Home Studio with Photographer Ab Sesay?

Follow along as Photographer Ab Sesay walks us through the necessities to build your own Home Photography Studio. He is going to show you 3 different SETUPS in the same place ( a dinner room) and how to choose the right gear. In summary, learn to use a Small Space Smartly.

V-J Day in Times Square by Alfred Eisenstaedt - Story Behind the Photograph

It was Tuesday noon August 14, 1945 when Radio Tokyo broadcasted a statement by Emperor Hirohito. The Second World War ended four years after the United States entered the war. President Harry S. Truman just announced the end of the war. The day was called the “Victory over Japan Day.” Times Square was crowded with people celebrating. But how many frames does it take to take an iconic photograph? Ten, twenty, a hundred? And you definitely need a big, expensive camera with a super fast lens for that. Well, Alfred Eisenstaedt had a different idea.

On-Location Sports Photography Lighting

In this video, you can go behind the scenes with commercial photographer Ian Spanier to see his step-by-step on-location lighting process for both sports shots and professional portraits.

Use a Mirror To Create Unique Off Camera Flash Wedding Portrait

In this video, wedding photographer Neil Redfern shows you behind the scenes on a bride and groom portrait shoot to show exactly how he created this portrait. Neil started off with a simple reflection photograph before building on this to take a creative wedding portrait with multiple reflections.