In this video, filmmaker Zach Ramelan is talking about practical transitions to add into your videos. Using a laptop, a DSLR and a cell phone you can to create cool film transitions. First, put your cell phone up to the screen or viewfinder of your camera and point it at the screen of your laptop, then just move your phone across the screen of your camera to create the sort of wobbly zigzaggy effect.

Filmmaker Chadwin Smith built his own Edelkrone JibONE for free using spare parts and pieces laying around his studio.  The new JibOne looks really cool, but he definitely doesn't have $1,000 laying around to get just the jib, not including the motorized head and other accessories.

Hey folks its a brand new year and one I am pumped for! 2020 is gonna be another great year! To kick  this new decade off I wanted to share with you some lighting setups and behind the scenes from a portrait session where we tried out a few different  setups, if you prefer to watch the video you can check it out here.

Building a DIY Spin Rig for Sci-Fi Short Film Skywatch

For their opening "NexPort" commercial at the beginning of SKYWATCH, Colin Levy built a DIY carbon fiber spin rig to swoop the camera in a 360° arc. Take a look behind the scenes at the concept, planning and construction of this ambitious camera move.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon in November when I just walked into a flea marked. I met some friends there and looked a little bit around. At the end I bought this Gasc and Charconnet 500mm petzval lens. If you are as old as I am and have seen the movie “Big trouble in little China Town”, you know the Quote from Egg Shen: “But that’s how it always begins. Very small.” I think that is how my projects always start. Mostly I ask myself a month later, what I got myself into again. It was a bit easier this time. By the way, Gasc and Charconnet was founded at about 1860 in Paris and manufactured lenses under their name until 1880 when they changed to the name Laverne.

3 WAYS to MASTER abstract photography

Abstract photography is a fascinating subgenre of photography. There are many approaches to it and in this video, Mads Peter Iversen explains his three approaches to abstract photography in nature and landscape: "Clean Abstracts", "Resembling Abstracts" and " Abstract Vistas".

5 Reasons Why You Need Vintage Lenses In 2020

5 Reasons why you need vintage lenses in 2020. Mark Holtze actually has about a hundred, but nobody is going to watch a video that long.

Did Walt Disney Influence Stanley Kubrick

Discover the similarities between Walt Disney's TV show "Man and the Moon" (1955) and Stanley Kubrick's Sci-fi masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968) in this short video essay.

How to deal with Critics and Trolls Online

In this video, Sean Tucker shares some thoughts on dealing with our online critics. He lays out 3 different sorts of criticism (artistic, constructive and armchair) and how we can think about them differently, as well as some advice for dealing with the mindlessly negative criticism we all receive if we choose to post out work online.

In this DIY photography video, Joe Edelman is going to show you a DIY Portrait background setup that will save you money and give you infinite creative possibilities?