In this photoshop tutorial, Mark McGee shows you his portrait retouching process from start to finish. He uses Lightroom, Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop to perform skin retouching using frequency separation, brighten eyes, enhance skin contouring and show you some tricks of the trade to create beautifully edited headshots.


The Leica M11 isn't your typical camera these days. No autofocus, no video recording, and no EVF, some would wonder why anyone in their right mind would pay ~$10,000 for this camera. Let's take a look.


In this excerpt taken from a LIVE online photography workshop filmed in 2019, Karl demonstrates how to light and photograph Hollywood-style portraits with that iconic 1930s-themed lighting.


How to setup and light a video from scratch using gear under $3,000. This camera kit includes everything you need to get up and running with video for YouTube, documentary or corporate work!


There's a little secret to how YOU can find spot after spot when photographing your friends, family, and clients. Omar Gonzalez shows you.


Unlock the system to create gorgeous black and white photography by using Ansel Adams' famous Zone System.


Learn the differences between using a flash with an ND filter versus using high-speed sync! Check it out and tag him on IG with your results!


Canada Goose have hired photographer Annie Leibovitz for their FW22 #LiveInTheOpen campaign, starring Jodie Turner-Smith, Soo Joo Park and Khadijha Red Thunder. It's a great opportunity to get behind Annie's camera and understand how she lights and composes her photos.


A too-busy background can steal the attention of your subject. In this video, Pye provides composition and editing tips for bringing the focus of your photos right where you want it.


In this week’s episode, Mark Denney reviews 7 camera settings pro photographers turn off that beginners don't for landscape photography. There are a ton of videos, articles, and podcasts dedicated to the best camera settings for certain genres of photography, but understanding which camera settings to turn off is just as important as understanding which ones to turn on.