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Cool photo shoot with Alexandra by DREWSHOOTS and LightenUpandShoot

9/26/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sooo Mike(y) from stopped thru Fort Lauderdale again and I called up Awesome Alex and she was like "of course I'll meet you tomorrow morning at 6:30am on a beach that's 30 minutes from my house after I do my own make-up and hair with no notice".


Mikey did some shooting and shot some video, as did I. My sleep patterns were all messed up and I really kinda didn't sleep before this shoot. I was almost in rare form, but I think I work well in such circumstances. When we left the beach and went down Las Olas the sun was higher and we were becoming human toast. We had our fill, and called it a day!

Photos at the end!!

moi -​drewshoots
moi -​andrewblood
moi -​optimus_prime

Mike(y) -​

Alex's fanpage -->​alxandravictoria

Photos shot with D40 + D7k

video shot with 2x D7k
•one w/ 35mm 1.8G
•one w/ 24-70 2.8

song - Crazy For You - Groove Armada

Alexandra Victoria

alexandra victoria