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Creating Great Landscape Photographs using a light meter

9/24/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Many of us are passionate about landscape photography, but many have difficulty capturing an image that successfully conveys the beauty and feeling of a place. We all take these images because there is something about what we are seeing that inspires us and causes an emotional response.

What makes for a great landscape photograph and what distinguishes it from a snapshot? What are the composition issues that can make or break a shot? Why are you taking the picture in the first place?

Light, geography, the time of day, and the capabilities of your camera will all contribute to a great landscape photograph. Knowing the limitations and learning your tools will help end the frustration of missing a great shot or ending up with a poorly exposed image beyond rescue. One of the tools we’ll use is a Sekonic L-758DR handheld light meter. This meter offers a combination of incident and spot-metering capabilities to give us all the information we need to get the best exposure possible. It can also provide the exact exposure information needed for the best results when compositing high dynamic range (HDR) images.

Join us as we explore many of the aspects that can make for a great landscape photograph. Learn to create an image that tells a story, invites you to linger and explore, and engages all of your senses as you are drawn into the place—that’s what makes for a great landscape photograph.

by Sekonic