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Extreme Wakeboard photo shoot by Sports photographer Eric Schmid

10/12/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sports photographer Eric Schmid is based in Switzerland. He's been using the Phase One P 45+ camera system for quite a while, and now gets the chance to try the IQ180 digital back with the Schneider-Kreuznach 150 mm leaf shutter lens.

Eric is lucky to have five times world champion wakeboarder, Andy Meyenberg, around for a test shoot.

The first part of the shoot is taken from a helicopter which means that Eric has to be fast and to be sure that everything works perfectly. During the shooting Eric discovers how reliable Phase One's autofocus is, and he's really amazed.

He's also impressed with the display on the IQ back where you just have to tap twice to see the image in 100 % so that you can check the focus. No time is lost in connecting cameras to a laptop.

In the second part of the photo shoot Eric shoots from the water level. He sits in a rubber ring and is dragged around by a motorboat. Just imagine how big the vibrations are! He sets the ISO to 400 so that he can go up to 3200.

Part of the photo shoot is about chasing the wakeboarder from a second boat. Here, Eric uses the 150mm leaf shutter lens which means that he can flash up to 1600 of a second. He's amazed to see that there's no blur in the picture at all.

Eric's overall impression of the camera is that it's fantastic! It's fast, the autofocus is totally reliable, and the files are big. He now knows that he has to save up for the IQ180 because this one tops everything he has seen so far.

Photographer: Eric Schmid
Wakeboarder: Andy Meyenberg


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