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Location, the base to a great picture by artist, photographer, and pro photoshop retoucher Erik Almas

10/25/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot with professional photographer Erik Almas.

Restless, driven, always pushing himself toward new means of technical and aesthetic expression, Erik has deployed his unique vision in award-winning work for clients including Microsoft, Toyota, Nike, Puma, Pfizer, Harley-Davidson and Hilton Hotels.

His images for these and other clients often contextualize people or products within hyper realistic panoramas that frequently are capped by clouds that Turner or van Gogh might have envied.

So breathtaking are Almas’ meticulously planned, produced and post produced images that fellow photographers and armchair Photoshop quarterbacks often are left to scratch their heads and wonder, “How’d he do that?!” As it turns out, this is a question Almas is more than happy to answer.

Developing a truly distinctive photographic style is the key to a successful career. Discover how to translate your artistic passion into a recognizable and original style that will continually attract top clients. ( via asmp)

Executive Producer: Erik Almas
Produced by: Catapult Media Works
Editor: Matt Straus

Erik Almas´ website 

by Matt Straus