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David Hobby interview with Catherine Hall and Leo Laporte ( TWiT Photo 33)

11/24/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Hosts: Catherine Hall and Leo Laporte.

Lighting guru and author of David Hobby joins Leo and Catherine in the Brickhouse to share his lighting secrets for everyone from beginner to pro. David reveals the special place in his heart for DIY lighting techniques, and explains how he is still inspired by the images in life after so many years of shooting.
Guest: David Hobby
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David's Tips

1) A little fill light from right near (or on) the lens axis can allow you to get away with almost anything else, lighting-wise. Think of it as a "legibility dial" which does not bring a new lighting direction into the frame. Turn it up or down as much as you like, depending on the legibility you need. I think of it as my "CYA" light.

2) When shooting in an iffy location, it is always easier to apologize than to get permission.

If someone in authority is not actively telling you "no," go ahead and try it. If you get busted, act sincere (even if you don't mean it) surprised and ... not particularly smart. Then apologize and be on our way. This works best when combined with a little advance planning / scouting and quick, efficient shooting.

3) When planning a photo, start off by thinking about what you want to accomplish with the photo. That will point you toward many good decisions on subject, location, lighting, etc. Think "big picture," and work backwards to the details.
David's Favorite Gears

Nikon SB-800. Best speedlight ever made, R.I.P.
A queen-sized white bedsheet from Wal-Mart.
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