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The DELTA test | How does an IQ180 cope with the most extreme conditions?

11/30/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Phase One IQ series digital backs -
At DELTA they help ideas meet the real world. See how the Phase One IQ camera system overcome their test.

DELTA exposes the product to everything it could be exposed to in real life. Watch our camera system go through electromagnetic compatibility testing where DELTA checks whether it is disturbing other equipment around.

Then the IQ digital back continues to DELTA's Highly Accelerated Lifetime Testing chamber. Here, they can do anything to try to find weak points in the IQ before the customer does.

In the test, the chamber goes down to minus 80 degrees Celsius with a vibration level of 10 G. Then it goes up in temperature to plus 80 degrees Celsius and up to an even higher vibration level.

Even with vibration peak levels of up to several hundred G's and very fast temperature change rates there's still contact with the IQ and it's still working!

Try the IQ digital back: