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Rudy Archuleta - Photographer by Redux Pictures

11/15/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Rudy Archuleta began photographing in Hawaii, documenting his youth which revolved around the surfing and skateboarding culture. At 20 Rudy left to study at Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduation he headed to New York City to cultivate a career as an entertainment photographer.

Shortly after arriving to New York City, Rudy was one of 100 chosen to attend The Eddie Adams Workshop. This is where he met and got his first assignment from Kathy Ryan, at The New York Times Magazine. Since that time he has worked for Rolling Stone, Vibe, ESPN magazine, Epic Records, People, MTV Networks, Reader’s Digest and has become a regular contributor to Revolver and Alternative Press.

Rudy is genuinely interested in the various types of people he photographs, whether it be a rock star, athlete, or CEO. Rudy has forged a colorful, as well as a powerful vision of the pop and rock cultures that inspire him.

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by Redux Pictures