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Boating Magazine Swimsuit Issue: 12 girls, 12 boats and 3 photographers working for 4 days

12/14/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

I got a call from Bonnier Photographer Bill Doster.  He asked if I was available in Fort Myers Beach.  I didn’t know if it was for Waterski, Wakeboard or Boating Magazine.  Or maybe he was double booked with a corporate job and needed help.

He asked if I was interested in shooting the first ever Boating Magazine swimsuit issue with him and another photographer.  I immediately said yes.  ”There will be 12 girls, 12 boats and 3 photographers working for 4 days.”  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.  I had a corporate gig on the 19-20th in Orlando, a wedding on the 21st in St. Augustine, then a 6 hour drive from St. Augustine to Fort Myers Beach early on the 22nd.  Our home for the few days was the Pink Shell Resort, a beautiful oceanfront getaway in southwest Florida.

Although the weather hampered us at times, we made the best of what we were given.  My time was with Deonna Marie /Mastercraft, Kelly Sandler / PremierNatalia MunteanDeep Impact, and Erin McKinnonSea Ray.  I’m sure you have a copy of the magazine by now.  And, if you haven’t done so already, order your calendar!  That’s my photo of Natalia on the cover.

They even made a behind the scenes video of the shoot!

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You should disable autoplay on that video. Every time I reload the page the video begin to play! Annoying!