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DIY Micro Camera Slider for GoPro Hero HD and small camcorder

1/02/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This video tutorial show you how easy it is to build up a professional Micro Camera Slider...

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It is realy easy! Very, very easy! All you need are some special stuff and 3 minutes time.

Watch the tutorial movie an enjoy.....

Everyone knows the GoPro Hero HD a camera for sports photography and filming.

But have you ever tried to make slow movements with this camera.

Sure, we clamp the camera on a slider.

Yes that is the solution. A small 200 gram camera on a heavy weight pro Slider? I think that's something for bodybuilders.

I was visiting the Igus company in Germany, where I found something which is perfect for the GoPro, not only for the GoPro it is also perfect for all smaller cameras. Cameras from the consumer market. Like the Panasonic HDC-SD99, HDC-HS900, the Sony CX360VE, the Canons and so on.

All you need to build this Slider is:

- One screw and a camera plate, here from Manfrotto.
- A GoPro plate.
- And of course the material from Igus.

by Friedhelm Fischer

That's all.


Unknown said...

It is really easy to use. GoPro HD is just a touch and go device which gives you pure HD videos of your adventures.
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