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Magic Lantern Users Guide for the EOS Canon 60D HDSLR by Kadams Media

1/06/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This is a users guide for the Magic Lantern Firmware, specifically for the EOS Canon 60D HDSLR camera. Shot by Kraig Adams of

1. Press “Trash” to open ML menu
2. Press “Menu” to switch between advanced and easy ML menus
3. In ML menu, press “Q” to open submenu
4. In ML menu, use dial, jog and arrows to navigate
5. In ML menu, press “Set” to change values
6. In ML menu, press “Info” to access helpful information
7. To Format card without erasing ML, press “Q” until indicator is true then format card

1. AGC Control controls automatic audio recording on/off
2. Analog Gain controls audio levels
3. Monitoring-USB allows to monitor audio through usb-3.5mm jack

Live View
1. Waveform/Histogram display image brightness levels
2. Zebra indicates over or underexposed areas
3. False Color evaluates exposure, used in RED camera
4. Magic Zoom is a helpful focus assistant

1. Shutter is effective when at 180 degrees and green
2. ISOs that are multiples of 160 rather than 100 have lower digital grain

1. Movie Restart automatically restarts video after timeout
2. Bit Rate changes the H.264 rate for different lengths and video quality
3. Time Indicator should be switched to 4GB
4. Movie Logging places meta data files with video clips to show lens, exposure info
5. REC/STBY is good to have message to indicate status if you forget sometimes

1. HDR Bracketing set and shoot. View by holding “set” and turning dial in play mode
2. Intervalometer takes pictures or movies at fixed intervals. Use manual WB, and a manual lens.
3. Bulb Ramping/Timer

by Kadams Media

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