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Nikon D4: Big Image Sample to High ISO 6400 (4928x3280) UPDATE

1/13/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 5 Comments

Copyright Nikon


UPDATE: I am sorry , blogger has a size  limit to upload images. The link is update now to  with the original image.


Anonymous said...

1600 x 1065 is the size of this document. NOT 4928 x 3280. It is more than a bit irritating that you lie about what you're posting (or perhaps it is ignorance of resolution---even more irritating that you purport to have this intelligence) to generate hits on your site. I will ensure I do not return.

UPDATE: I am sorry , blogger has a size limit to upload images that I do not know. The link is update now to with the original image.

Anonymous said...

this link shows me nothing original image here!

Matt said...

I check the link and it is ok. It is an original image from Nikon HK.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow Anonymous: Click the image to view the full-size image on nikon's site, don't just go to the page.