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Nikon D4 vs. Nikon D7000: Comparison

1/23/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

First video comparison between the upcoming Nikon D4 an the in 2010 released Nikon D7000. We used the crop mode of the D4 to get the same focal length.
Same settings on both cameras!

Lenses on both DSLRs: Nikon 35mm F/1.8 + Nikon 50mm F/1.8

Settings on both cameras:
ISO 100
Aperture F/2.8, F/4 + F/5.6
Shutter speed 1/50s

"Synthesizers in Reunion" by Kevin MacLeod

via Fenchel & Janisch:

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Anonymous said...

Interesting result behind the fact that there is a huge price difference between both. Neverthless pics are more important for me.