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Behind the scene from photo shoots of the global Absolut Gustafson campaign.

2/16/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The pink represents the berries, the green the cardamon and the more earthy qualities,” says Mats Gustafson. “The final artwork combines these two color blocks and, for me, they translate into the earth and the sky. The horizon is a great metaphor for traveling, for looking far and beyond.”

This launch is very exciting for us,” says Anders Olsson, Director of The Absolut Company Global Travel Retail. “It’s far more than just a one-off promotion. It continues our proud legacy of creative partnerships in the fields of art and fashion that started back in 1985, with the groundbreaking ABSOLUT WARHOL campaign. It is thus a key initiative in our overall brand image building strategy, which is based on constant re-invention. The fact that we are launching this new flavor exclusively for travelers is yet another tribute to the great strategic importance that our market has—and always has had—in the brand image marketing philosophy of ABSOLUT.” [ source ]
Mats Gustafson (Swedish, b. 1951) began his career as an illustrator in the late 1970s, a time when editorial illustration was eclipsed by photography, and watercolor as a conceptual medium had barely been explored.

Mats Gustafson´s website:here

Photographer Magnus Torsne Website : here

by Magnus Torsne