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Building the best DIY tripod dolly by Frank Glencairn

2/06/2012 Matt 0 Comments

I always hated floor spreaders but also wanted a tripod dolly that is collapsible, super stable (I can stand on this one), with big PU wheels and an additional stabilizer for my Kessler PocketJib, when I use it with the slider on top of the jib arm..

A friend of mine, that runs a speed shop helped me to bolt my construction together (I suck at welding).
It stil looks a bit prototypeish, cause there are some bits and the finishing missing, but you get the idea.

Shot in glorious 35mm on the FS100 (K-Tone profile and LUT), with the kit lens and a Vivitar series 1 35-70 zoom.

by Frank Glencairn