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Daily Photo Lifetime Project. 2311 total days documented.

2/03/2012 Matt 0 Comments

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2,311 days documented.

This project aims to capture the aging of my body. Is it also an examination of the daily life: spaces, time, rituals, people, emotion, clothes, home, possessions, haircuts, books, memory, living, etcetera. Consider this archive a digital zoetrope that illustrates an idiosyncratic zeitgeist. The faces I make are based on whatever I feel at the moment. When I miss a day, it does not matter.

The act of taking a daily photo is a reminder to live in the moment. It is not narcissistic. In this effort I look into the past and see who I once was. Through the billows of internal dialogue I often forget this stance, but inevitably come full circle. I think this may be a suitable tool to allow my future children to see how my life has changed. A growing today changes history and perspective.

Have you ever thought about what your grandparents lives where like? What about your great-grandparents? Unequivocal context.

The title of this project "Being and Time" is referring to the book "Sein und Zeit" by Martin Heidegger. This book speaks all about Dasein; One of my favorite concepts.

I believe our generation is beginning to approach life differently. Technology has enabled a singular type of hindsight that can refresh perspective in realtime. This is a reminder that my life is not binary. I am a constant mutating hybrid, a grey zone, a living metamodern venn diagram. But really I'm over complicating things. I'm a simple human that wants to sit under the trees of ubuntu.

Watch how emotions oscillate akin to the waves of life. It was not intentional that the beginning is full of wild faces and recently there has been more expressions of the mundane daily stresses. Such is life. I would like to think the project has begun to mature.

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