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Fembot: Franz Steiner combines photography and CGI to create a photo-realistic female robot

2/19/2012 Matt 0 Comments

A behind the scene look at Sage Productions photo shoot of "FEMBOT", combining photography and CGI to create a photo-realistic female robot.

© Franz Steiner

© Franz Steiner

© Franz Steiner

© Franz Steiner

 About Blutsbrüder Design Team:

We create photorealistic image content, using CGI (computer generated images) and combine it -if requested- with digital photography.

Our team of experienced 3D- artists works fast and precise, supervised by Art Director Franz Steiner (certificated Digital Artist). Our work includes concept art, design, CGI (modeling, texturing, rendering) and the final retouching. CGI offers the possibility to create every building and scenery, landscape and design object you can think of. If you can imagine it, we can build it!

In the Blutsbrüder Design Team plays along:

Franz and Gerhard Steiner as the striker duo
Lane Tesanovic as the goalkeeper
And many others, to keep the ball rolling

Franz Steiner studied Digital film production at the German Film School of Elstal near Berlin, Germany and graduated as a certificated Digital Artist. Franz is the creative director of the team. He creates the layouts and supervises the entire productions. He is able to visualize any suggestion you have.

Franz started the Blutsbrüder Design Team 2004 in Berlin. Since 2007 Franz works for Blutsbrüder Design in New York and Berlin together with his girlfriend and business partner Lane Tesanovic
Gerhard Steiner is an established commercial photographer in Düsseldorf, Germany. Having Gerhard Steiner in the Blutsbrüder Design Team means having the benefit from his wide experience of the business. He is the seasoned part of this team, studied graphic arts and photography, worked as creative director of an advertising agency before setting up his photo studio. His professional knowledge guarantees the high-level professional quality of Blutsbrüder Design Team productions.

Lane Tesanovic studied Law in Berlin, Germany and graduated as certificated lawyer.
She joined the Blutsbrüder Design Team in 2005 and works as their producer, taking care of management and organization.

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