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Shoot The Centrefold 'Bubble' with Playboy Photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi and Leica S2

2/24/2012 Matt 0 Comments

When Leica Cameras came to photographer Jarmo Pohjaniemi and asked him to shoot something that shows the extreme detail and quality of their S2 37 Megapixel camera, Jarmo came up with the concept of this model interacting with giant bubbles. Here is the behind the scenes video...

Shoot The Centerfold the is composed of an elite group of professional photographers all considered the most respected and admired in the world. All have worked, or are still working for the world's most famous magazine, Playboy creating features and pictorials; some on staff, some on contract, some a bit of both. Within that group an even more select number who actually photographed the Centerfolds that helped create the phenomenon of the Playboy Playmate.

All have decided to join forces in this first of a kind project called Shoot The Centerfold where we come together as a cohesive unit to share our knowledge and expertise in photographing women; including lighting, rapport with the model, posing, importance of location, styling, and much, much more. We feel it will become the new face of photography studies.

These masters of photography and Centerfold shooters are Arny Freytag and Jarmo Pohjaniemi. Shoot the Centerfold will also invite some of the most noted photographers from around the globe to serve as guest mentors to form an even more impressive list of professionals from which to learn.

Join Shoot the Centerfold for an adventure in learning photography like none you've experienced before. May we ask that when you are with your peers, friends, all those whom wish to join you in moving to a higher level within their work, please remember when speaking about Shoot the Centerfold, it's where "wisdom is shared..."

by A3Network

More inspiration: shootthecenterfold.comJarmo Pohjaniemi´s website and Twitter