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BTS: The Island Of Morel Shootout Featuring Aaron Nace

3/05/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Pretty wild... Check out the behind the scenes of this exorcism filled shootout featuring photographer Aaron Nace and Indirap Productions.

The Sirens Morel stay young by collecting souls of the youth. They come in the night and steal you away. The only thing they are afraid of are kids who eat their veggies. Hear that kids, eat those veggies.

The image was taken with a Canon 5d MKii + 70-200 2.8 IS @ 1/160 4.0 ISO200 tethered into Adobe Lightroom. ( info via Phlearn)

Strobist Info: White Lightning x1600 behind window into med softbox @f/5.6. Canon580EXii into sphere gelled blue @f/5.6. WL X1600 cam left into strip box @f/4. Fired via pocketwizard plus ii.

Island of Morel
© Aaron Nace
Photographer: Aaron Nace | Model: Jenna Jones | Cinematographer/Editor: Julian Tillotson

Full Behind the scenes video and description at Phlearn:

via Indirap Productions and Aaron Nace