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DVD Review + Lighting Tutorial : Window light Portraits for stills and Video by Jay P. Morgan

4/28/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video we will look at how to use window light as an effective light source to create portraits.

Window light is a natural light source that can create beautiful light for portraits in video and stills. It's a quick light source that is controlled by the size of the window and the proximity of the subject to the window or light source. Large windows give softer light with brighter backgorunds and smaller windows give harder light with darker backgrounds. Its the same principle as soft boxes.

 Large boxes create soft light and small boxes create more directional light. We will look at window light as a backlight, key light, or flat frontal light. In the process we will explore how skin tone and hair color effect the way we light.

Combining someone with dark hair and olive skin and someone with fair skin and red hair creates a challenge. We will discuss how to overcome that challenge. Lets look at Window light as a light source for portraits.

Keep those cameras rolling and keep on click-in!

Text and video by Jay P. Morgan ( via

"Mastering Strobe Lighting" DVD Review:

Jay P. Morgan send us a copy of his instructional  DVD "Mastering Strobe Lighting". A Step-by-step instruction by professional commercial photographer and instructor Jay P. Morgan on what to buy and how to master studio strobe lighting.

You will learn:

14 different lighting set-ups
Which strobes to buy
Which strobes fit your style of shooting
How to use mono blocks
How to use pack & head systems
Which sync system will work best for you
Syncing with the shutter
How to make a corrector exposure
How to light a face
How to shoot with a one light set up
How to set up & shoot with a 3 light set-up
Understanding the exposure triangle
How to control light
How to use modifiers
Which modifiers to buy
Why buy a beauty dish
and more!

DVD Also Includes 5 Bonus Segments

Understanding the Beauty Dish
Soft boxes 101
Soft boxes applied
Portrait lighting for photography & video
Photographic lighting made simple

My experience with this DVD

Today it is difficult to make something original and fun, and more with the amount of available DVD on the market about lighting.

The first ten minutes are very basic and Jay explains the different types of lighting tools.
After those ten minutes, begins the action and Jay unfolds all his experience, showing the result of 14 different lighting set-ups.

I think at this price he offers high quality and many years of experience, besides being an excellent communicator. 

Like a good book you should have it in your media library.

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