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Learn with Joel Grimes the Rembrandt Cross Lighting Technique Behind the Picture "George the Greek"

5/16/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Dear readers, this is the second episode of LitUp with Photographer Joel Grimes by

Imagine if an award winning commercial photographer took 16 of his most famous images and sat down with you to teach you the techniques, tell you the story, and share exactly how he lit up those images? THAT is precisely what Joel Grimes is going to do for you.

When Joel Grimes first started his journey with studio strobes, he tackled and mastered the "Rembrandt Cross Lighting" technique. In this episode, Joel tells about "George the Greek" and shows how slight movements of your cross light can completely change or enhance the Rembrandt effect.

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Art said...

Well, to be pedantic, technically cross lighting is when you use two lights on a subject from opposite directions. E.g.

Just sayin' (loved the vid, though)