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I'm New Photographer! What Do I Need? with Kevin Kubota

6/28/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

We all start at the same place- the beginning. So what exactly is the best gear to invest in to get the most bang for your buck? You also want to ensure that your equipment can stand up to 90% of any shoot that comes your way for the time being.

Well have no fear, Kevin walks you through some great investment ideas. Chances are, you won't need a huge array of different lenses, filters, and many off camera strobes.

This will keep both you and your bank account happy!

Even if your a salty dog in the photography world, this may help you reorganize and prioritize your camera bag!



Melo said...

50 1.4G - I've had two, both were junk. I prefer the 50 f1.8G actually. Sharper, less abberations, better image imho. The 70-200 for group shots? Are they in the middle of an open field. On an AP-C body that's 105-300. You need to be 20-30feet away. The ultra wide... well... depends on what your shooting. Speedlights? I've owned half a dozen and used them less than that. Only buy lights if you intend to shoot a certain look. Otherwise natural light will suffice as you start out. Most people attempt flash photography and butcher it.

You can't really do a general gear video like this. Gear depends on the shooter and what they shoot.

Also, for an advice video... the lighting is shit. I'm not sure what gave me a headache... his shirt or the couch... or both.

Anonymous said...

a new shirt ! ;)