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Inside Charlie Sheen's Rolling Stone Cover Shoot

6/07/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Charlie Sheen revealed a softer side behind the scenes of his Rolling Stone cover shoot, which brought back memories of his father Martin Sheen's own shoot with Annie Leibovitz 32 years ago. "I thought, 'I wanna do that; I wanna be on the cover of Rolling Stone," recalled Sheen. "And now I am. I'm really moved by what today means to me ... I can't lie to you, it's fuckin' bitchin', OK?"

A year after Sheen's very public split from Two and a Half Men, his new TV series Anger Management premieres on FX on June 28th. "There weren't any offers; I was blackballed in this frickin' town," said Sheen, who helped develop the show. "So I took it upon myself to generate something and say, 'I'm not done yet.' I'm not done because they say I'm done," added the actor of Men -- or, as he put it, "that quagmire of loser over on Stage 26."

Sheen also touched on his musical tastes. "I'm a Jimmy Buffet fan and a Slash fan," he said. "My playlist is really, really bizarre, but makes perfect sense at the same time."