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LitUp Episode 7: "Jessica" 3 Light Soft Beauty by Joel Grimes

6/20/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This week Joel brings Jessica Mion back in to demonstrate a 3 light setup to accentuates a soft beauty lighting configuration. Using different modifiers can vastly alter the outcome of a photograph.

Joel makes the differences incredibly easy to notice with side by side comparisons of a beauty dish to a Westcott 5 ft Octobox, as well as a simple white foam core board vs. a black bounce.

 Bottom line- modifiers can define your style of work very easily. Experiment with your modifiers and discover your unique style! Check out the awesomeness in this week's LitUp!


Note: Maybe this will be the last video from Framed that we can post.  They will have a new private  platform "Fix" with login and password. What a pity!!!